SingaporeGigs is the most comprehensive website for live music-lovers. Covering performances across genres, spanning the traditional to the contemporary and everything in-between, it is an unbiased listing of music events in Singapore. With SingaporeGigs, you’ll Never Miss A Beat!

The site began in December 2015 when a few fans of the Singapore music scene decided to provide a simple, but complete list of all gigs and music events happening on the island.

Team Members

Bas Linders

Having moved to Singapore from The Netherlands in March 2013, Bas discovered Singapore music when he witnessed The Observatory at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2014. The 'obsession' with collecting Singaporean music really kicked in later that year when he attended a small festival called Awaken the Dragon, where he met the band members of Obedient Wives Club, Lost Weekend and Stopgap. And as they say, the rest is history…

Bas began voraciously buying music, wearing band shirts, and going to gigs. He then decided to take his support of Singapore music to the next level with Basstock – a mini music festival held at Artistry for his 40th birthday.

SingaporeGigs grew from a realisation that he was unable to find a comprehensive site to keep up with his appetite for live music in Singapore.

Little Ong

Little Ong is one of the most recognized names in Singapore music, having driven its aesthetics for over 20 years. One of the most important landmarks of Little’s musical journey was the period between 1996 and 2002, when he designed, illustrated and photographed for BigO Magazine – the first and only magazine in Singapore that focused on the local music scene, and independent labels.

In 1999, Little co-founded creative agency fFurious where he is also the creative director, continually leading his team to add to local music history through the design of music releases such as the albums for The Great Spy Experiment, Lost Weekend and No Pantz. In addition, fFurious has contributed exhibitions such as So Happy – 50 Years of Singapore Rock, a visual history of Singapore’s rock music scene, as well as the charity initiative Singled Out, which saw designers, musicians and DJs in Singapore create artworks using old vinyl from a donated collection. Each work was auctioned, with proceeds given to Thunder Rock School to provide music education for disadvantaged children.

Max Tkachenko

Max is a music lover from Russia who moved to Singapore in November 2013. He came upon the local scene at the Esplanade, and a passion for Singapore music cemented when he caught SA (仨) and OrkeStar Trio at the Outdoor Theatre. SingaporeGigs.com sprang from an idea that live music of any kind should be accessible to everyone who wants to experience it.

Natalie Pixiedub

For as long as she can remember, music has been dearest to Natalie Pixiedub.

Since her DJ debut more than a decade ago, she has worked her magic at numerous parties including The Official Afterparty for Muse and Stereophonics at Stereolab, Hacienda and Home Club, as well as at multiple events including Spotlight Singapore at the Hong Kong Fringe Club.

Her passion for music has been cemented in the scene as a co-founder of the FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp along with Debbie Chia and Cherry Chan, as well as in her tireless promotion of Singapore music, from conceptualising events involving Singapore legends Iskandar Ismail, The Observatory and T'ang Quartet to hosting internet radio shows that focus on Southeast Asian music.

This energy has recently been shifted to an all-girl punk band called NO PANTZ where she plays rhythm guitar.


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General Info

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