Up and Unbecoming


4 May 2018, 6:45 PM - 7:15 PM


Folk & Singer / Songwriter


Dansen John is a self-proclaimed singer-songwriter who can often be seen singing with a guitar and keyboard, but also mostly giving his band members a tough time. He plays alone but sometimes performs with other instrumentalists under the guise of paying them in experience and exposure. His influences include the likes of John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars and often seems to believe he is on their level. Dansen John not only promises for his shows to be great but also promises that they are holistic experiences. However, his middle name is also “delusion”. You have to attend one of his shows to be awed by his charisma, or to throw banana peels at him.

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Esplanade Concourse
1 Esplanade Drive
Singapore 038981