BEAT’ABOX with Arthur Choo


27 May 2018, 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM




Arthur Choo leads this cajón performance and open workshop. Arthur Choo leads this cajón performance and open workshop. Accompanied by a DJ, Choo shows you how the professionals do it, and then takes you through a crash course on how to play a basic cajón rhythm.’ Limited cajóns are available for the open workshop.

About Arthur Choo

Homegrown cajón talent and powerhouse Arthur Choo is the founder and soul of the BEAT’ABOX GROUP. Enterprising and fearless, Choo has tried his hand at business since the age of 18. With music as his passion, he has performed as part of a group since his early 20s, doing shows with a group in Asia, and then going solo with a few friends in the Singapore arts scene.

One of the local pioneer performers and trainers in cajon, Choo saw the potential of this instrument, and pursued it with a passion, founding BEAT’ABOX GROUP in 2011, funding its activities through his personal income from his full-time job. In 2013, he quit his job to manage BEAT’ABOX GROUP full-time. Choo’s vision is to put Singapore on the map as a leading education provider in percussion and music, and a leading producer of unique cajóns.

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Esplanade Concourse
1 Esplanade Drive
Singapore 038981