M. Nasir's SUATU MASA Concert - Celebrating 40 Years of Music Konsert M. Nasir SUATU MASA - Raikan Muzik 40 Tahun


6 Jul 2018, 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM


Folk & Singer / Songwriter


M Nasir is one of the few artistes who earned superlatives such as ‘Sifu’, ‘Guru’, ‘Cendekiawan Seni’ and ‘Legend’ among a few. He is said to be peerless, in every sense of the word, for there is no equivalent among his peers. With regards to his music, it is hard to categorize it. He started with folk rock music which later morphed into rock when he embarked into his solo career. After a hiatus, M Nasir reinvented his sound with more Eastern and Middle-eastern influences which was how the genre Balada Nusantara was coined. So it is best to peg his music as just M Nasir’s Music. And four decades of M Nasir’s music will be celebrated in a special one-night only performance.

His 40 years of music making is a milestone in Malay music industry, a socio-cultural documentation and a celebration of the hitman’s journey. Audience from the seats of the theatre or the comfort of their homes will get acquainted with the elusive man and his music in Konsert Suatu Masa M Nasir, Raikan Muzik 40 Tahun.

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MES Theatre at Mediacorp
1 Stars Avenue
Singapore 138507