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Sonic Escapade is an improvisational ensemble comprising graduates of Digital Music and Audio Technology (DMAT) from Singapore Polytechnic.

Every performance is unique and non-conventional, with the ensemble’s varied mix of electric and acoustic, Eastern and Western instrumentation.

About Sonic Escapade

Sonic Escapade’s repertoire consists of one composition, which is Sonic Escapade itself. Every time it is played, it is different. The instruments used to perform this composition consist of a variety of recycled, homemade, electric, acoustic, Eastern and Western instruments. The genres performed can vary from post-rock and new age to industrial, avant -garde, ethnic or even folk.

What began initially as an interest group in 2008 grew into a semi-professional ensemble. The group has since performed overseas and locally at notable venues, including Monash University (Melbourne, Australia), Keele University (UK) and Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay (Singapore).

About Michael Spicer

Michael Spicer is a lecturer and course chair of DMAT in Singapore Polytechnic. Prior to being an educator, Spicer was part of a famous touring Australian folk band known as Redgum that was highly successful in the ’80s. He obtained a Masters degree in Computer Sciences at the National University of Singapore and has completed his dissertation based on the idea of autonomous music agents in artificial intelligence for his PhD at Monash University, Australia. Spicer also plays a key role as a performer and mentor of the ensemble.

About Christopher Johann Clarke

Christopher Johann Clarke is a multi-instrumentalist currently pursuing a Masters in Music Composition at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore. He graduated with First Class Honours for his Bachelor of Arts(Music) and Honorable Mention for the Phillip Holt Prize from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts after studying under the tutelage of Jim Faulkner, Paul Mitchell-Davidson and Steve Barry.

His research is invested in the understanding of how different notation types influence our behavioural field, and how this can apply to compositional gestalt. Clarke often embodies concepts of acoustics and psychoacoustics in his composition through computer music devices such as MaxMSP (for notational devices and interactive inputs), and various other clients for synthesiser such as SuperCollider. He is interested in pursuing further research/education in this field, and will develop his knowledge in integrating IDEs such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

About Lydia Ang

Lydia Ang is an artist and composer based in Singapore. Her work primarily explores the notions of storytelling, experimentation and interconnection, through an eclectic mix of genres and soundscapes. 

Ang has collaborated globally with numerous artists on multi-disciplinary projects in film/animation, music, dance, theatre and digital media. Her electroacoustic compositions and collaborations have been featured in international albums such as Michael Harren’s Tentative Armor Reworks (2015), C-drik Fermont’s Uchronia (2018), and Women of Experimental Music (2018) by Sounds from a Corridor. As a composer for film and animation, she has written scores for a wide variety of genres. Some of her work in independent film can be found in the thriller short Kulling (2012), Vidhai (2016), the documentary film El Chino (2015), and most recently, the action short, Bloodline Blues (2018).

Ang is currently an adjunct faculty member at Singapore Polytechnic. She earned a B.F.A in composition at the California Institute of the Arts, where she studied primarily with composer Barry Schrader.

About Zheng Jie

Zheng Jie (Harry) is a professional drummer and percussion player based in Singapore. He has an Associate of Arts Degree in Drumset Performance from Los Angeles College of Music as well as a Diploma in Music and Audio Technology from Singapore Polytechnic.

Zheng has worked with numerous artists and bands, including Ifan Rais, Max Lee, JJ & the Paperplanes, Lin Si Tong, Anushka Jagtiani, Victoria Street and Ciao Turtle, as sideman. He also joined indie pop band Lost Weekend, in the recording of their eponymous album in 2015.

About Deborah

Deborah is a world and ethnic folk music enthusiast trained in classical piano and the guzheng. She is also a vocalist and music composer specialising in music for visual media. Her work scope encompasses music for commercial ads, corporate branding and games. 

Deborah has been a part of Sonic Escapade since its inception. In 2008, Deborah and the ensemble were featured in a Chinese reality TV series We are No Strawberries that aired on Christmas Eve as a special episode. She has also toured with Sonic Escapade for their overseas recital held at Monash University in Australia and performed with them during the Mosaic Music Festival held on March 2014 at Esplanade. 

In addition to being a DMAT alumnus, Deborah holds a bachelor Degree in Japanese Studies from the National University of Singapore. She is currently an adjunct faculty member at Singapore Polytechnic.

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