Mr. Bill - Boost Your Music Production Skills - Ableton Live Masterclass


6 Jul 2018, 10:00 AM


7 Jul 2018, 5:00 PM




EarthSync Academy presents a two-day masterclass with Ableton guru Mr. Bill. This workshop offers participants a thorough understanding of the creative possibilities of Ableton Live 10, with key insights into Mr. Bill’s production and writing processes. Taking place at Centre 42 in Singapore, the edition also features Guest Lecturers music producer/sound designer Yoav Rosenthal (Israel) and Ableton Certified Trainer Syafiq Halid (Singapore) who will offer participants additional tips, tricks, and live performance applications of Ableton Live.

The primary focus of the workshop will be on Mr. Bill's technical approach to the creation of his Apophenia project; a step by step breakdown of his latest IDM album; and the integration of modular gear - primarily the Eurorack gear family.

The workshop will also focus on post production processes, with Bill offering insights into acting as his own mixing engineer, and a detailed guide to the ins and outs of mastering one’s own tracks.

Throughout the session Bill will also cover a wide range of key processes, plug-ins and vital production tips

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Centre 42
42 Waterloo Street
Singapore 187951