Rodrigo Parejo: The Java Spring - Live at Intermission Bar


21 Jul 2018, 10:30 PM


22 Jul 2018, 1:30 AM




THE JAVA SPRING is a personal solo project and music fantasy created by the Spanish jazz-world musician Rodrigo Parejo, inspired on the sounds, culture and life of Indonesia and its thousand islands.

THE JAVA SPRING is broadly acquainted with the sounds of electronic ambient music, traditional indonesian music, 70´s jazz rock, film music, spiritual and meditative music, world and creative improvised music.

THE JAVA SPRING brings the listener into an imaginary sensation of what could be the feeling of a spring in Java, with the intention to inspire and awake the senses and perceptions through the beautiful Art of Listening.
(sounds of birds, nature, ethnic flutes, voices, gongs, sutile melodies, electronics)

Rodrigo Parejo (Spain): flutes, voice, gongs and electronics
Aya Sekine (Japan/Singapore): keys
Ting Wei Yap (Singapore): drums


Solo International Performing Arts Festival (Indonesia) 2016

"The Java Spring" - Goodbye song (2018)

The Java Spring (2018)

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Intermission Bar - at The Projector
6001 Beach Road
#05-00 Golden Mile Tower, The Projector
Singapore 199589