SMU Stereometa - Fetish


14 Sep 2018, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM




The wave of the silent rave is here. Experience the energy of dance parties on an externally silent dance floor. With a pair of wireless headphones provided upon entry, SMU Stereometa’s DJs will simultaneously deliver a range of genres and tracks straight to your ears.

A dual-lane playlist of songs is streamed in tandem – curated to symbolise the journey of a relationship going downhill. The performance takes listeners through the gradual unhinging of one’s self fueled by infatuation, to being thrown full force into outbursts of resentment and aggression.

Step onto the dancefloor and experience this two-pronged story executed in tandem. Be a part of this externally silent disco that will be audible only to you.

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SMU, Hall B1.2 @ School of Law
55 Armenian Street
Singapore Management University
Singapore 179943