SMU Symphonia - Audere


8 Sep 2018, 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM




In the style of a personalised playlist, SMU Symphonia is giving the audience full autonomy to decide the order of the pieces by voting live during the performance!

Through an amalgamation of lesser-heard music genres such as Jazz and Klezmer music, Audere depicts a venturesome performance of the unfamiliar.

From quirkily titled pieces like Ramen Noodles to iconic songs such as Carry On Wayward Son, expect a melodic toss-up of genres on this daring adventure.

Join SMU Symphonia onto a path less traveled as they find the edge between familiar and otherwise.

**“Proof of ticket is required for admission for this free event”**

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SMU, Arts and Culture Centre
81 Victoria Street
Singapore Management University
Singapore 188065