Hacken Lee 30th Anniversary Concert in Singapore (李克勤庆祝成立 30 周年演唱会新加坡站)


1 Sep 2018, 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM




庆祝出道30年, 拥有香港歌坛"零瑕疵歌手"美誉的李克勤将于9月1日在新加坡圣淘沙名胜世界会议中心™,名胜世界宴会厅呈现 "李克勤庆祝成立 30 周年演唱会新加坡站"。

为了庆祝成立30周年这个重要的日子,李克勤大胆地把演出交由一众首次合作的演唱会导演、排舞老师、制作单位等,希望擦出新的火花。该演唱会在香港起跑后获得许多正面评价,"焕然一新"、"全新体验" 这些评语比比皆是。这次的演出也注入了丰富的娱乐元素,势必让观众看到李克勤不同的面貌。除了动感舞曲如 "舊歡如夢" 和 "In The City" 外,演唱会当然也少了他首首动人的抒情歌如 "高妹"、"命运符号"、"纸牌屋" 等。届时,歌迷不止能现场听到演唱会的主题曲 "30克",更有机会欣赏李克勤自弹自唱的表演。

Celebrating his 30th anniversary, one of Cantopop's most influential singer, Hacken Lee will be bringing his "Hacken Lee 30th Anniversary Concert" to the Resorts World Convention Centre™, Resorts World Ballroom on 1 September.

To celebrate his three decade long career, Hacken Lee made a bold move and worked with a brand new team of producer, director and dance choreographers for this meaningful concert, hoping to create new and refreshing content. The Hong Kong show, which was held over several nights at the Hong Kong Coliseum in September 2017 received overwhelming responses. Fans can expect an entertaining night where they will get to see the different facades of Hacken Lee, from energetic, groovy to soulful and emotional, and even an acoustic guitar set. A specially curated set list consisting many of his hits like “Gao Mei", "House of Cards", "In The City", "Jiu Huan Ru Meng" and the theme song for the concert, "30 Ke" will get everyone singing and dancing along.

Come 1 September, get ready to spend a memorable evening as Hacken Lee celebrates his 30 glorious years!

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Compass Ballroom, Resorts World Convention Centre
8 Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098269