Music Tuesdays: Tranquil Strings 周二聚会: 弦‧琴


7 Aug 2018, 7:30 PM - 7:45 PM




弦乐四重奏: 许文静(高胡)、林杲(二胡)、吴可菲(中胡)、陈盈光(大提琴)

空山鸟语 / 刘天华

秋岭枫红  / 金复载

草蜢弄鸡公 / 孙沛立编曲

风之旅 / 芮雪

消逝的天使(世界首演)/ 阿斯托尔·皮亚佐拉作曲、吴可菲改编

燃烧希望 / 老锣

摇摇新谣 (世界首演)  / 沈文友编曲

(包括 《摇摇民谣》、《一步一步来》、《从你回眸那天开始》、《写一首歌给你》、《细水长流》)


String Quartet: Xu Wen Jing (Gaohu), Lin Gao (Erhu), Wu Ke Fei  (Zhonghu), Helen Chen Ying Guang (Cello)

Songs of Birds in a Desolate Mountain / Liu Tianhua

Red Maples on The Autumn Ridge / Jin Fuzai

Grasshopper Teasing the Rooster / Arranged by Sun Pei-Li

Journey of the Wind / Rui Xue

La Muerte Del Ángel (World Premiere) / Composed by Astor Piazzolla, Re-arranged by Wu Ke Fei

Hope Ablaze / Robert Zollitsch

Xinyao Medley (World Premiere) / Arranged by Sim Boon Yew

(Includes Swing the Folk, One Step At A Time, Since the Day You Looked Back, A Song For You, Friendship Forever)

Join us on Music Tuesdays and enjoy an evening of Chinese music after a work day. SCO bowed string musicians - Xu Wen Jing, Lin Gao, Wu Ke Fei and Helen Chen Ying Guang - will, as a string quartet, perform a repertoire of genres including Xinyao, Chinese, South American, traditional and contemporary.

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Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert Hall
7 Shenton Way
Singapore 068810