Baybeats 2018: Zamaera


18 Aug 2018, 10:10 PM - 10:50 PM


Hip Hop / Rap


Fusing the art of rhythm and poetry, Zamaera creates beauty in the duality of weaving delicate vocals with eloquent lyricism into the fabric of her identity as an artist. She breaks down the barrier between audience and artist with relatable and engaging music that resonates universally.

Growing up in Malaysia, music flowed through Zamaera’s home from a young age as her obsession led her to pick up guitar and piano lessons. Never shy behind a microphone, she found solace on stage and performing to an audience, and became a signed artist at 17.

In 2017, Zamaera independently released her first single Helly Kelly an explosive track that introduced her to the industry. She also released her second single Wanita in her native language, which explores the importance of female empowerment. With two successful singles, Zamaera was endorsed by Nike, and released her first mixtape DontZzOnMe in 2018, and went on to be featured on MTV Asia’s Yo! MTV Raps Cypher.

Set for international release later this year, Zamaera’s debut EP, with the lead single ZvsZ, features her soulful songwriting and hard-pressing rhythm and poetry.

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Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
1 Esplanade Drive
Singapore 038981