Baybeats 2018: Sherene's Closet


19 Aug 2018, 8:50 PM - 9:30 PM




After an extremely long hiatus, homegrown ‘90s band, Sherene’s Closet, is back on the local scene. With a more mature outlook and approach to their new brand of indie rock, Sherene’s Closet aspires to break away from the dominant electronic music scene of the modern era and stay true to an uncompromising form of grit rock—organic and raw.

In 1999, the band released Kept Secrets to positive reviews. The band was hugely popular in the Singapore underground music scene, having been interviewed by respected music critic, Paul Zach for Zach’s Trax and nominated for the Perfect 10 Music Awards for Best Local Act in 2001. Earlier in 2018, the band flew to Liverpool, United Kingdom, to record their EP at The Motor Museum, which has Oasis and Arctic Monkeys in their repertoire of clients. Aptly titled Rebirth, the EP features four songs, two of which were unreleased demo songs that were excluded from their debut album, Kept Secrets. The EP was produced by Al Grooves and locally renowned music producer, Leonard Soosay, who was also behind the sounds of the band’s demo and debut album. Besides co-producing Rebirth, Soosay was also responsible for mixing the EP at Snakeweed Studio in Singapore.

Currently, the band consists of vocalist and songwriter, Gerald Stahlmann, bassist Wann Hussain (Force Vomit), drummer Martin Kong (Caracal) and lead guitarist, Tan Shung Sin (Great Spy Experiment). While Sherene’s Closet was originally a three-piece outfit, the band’s conscious decision to add another member in the new line-up was intended to give their old and new songs another dimension. This is evident in their new EP, which the band envisioned to be more guitar-driven and analogue in the presentation of the songs. In a bid to let the songs speak for themselves, the band made sure to keep the tracks simple and pure by not letting them be over-produced.

Committing to their sense of individuality, the band did not reform with the intention of reinventing the music and following trends. Rather, they are unwavering in their belief of staying true to their roots and maintaining their sounds like an indie rock band from the ‘90s. With their rebirth, the band is not pursuing fame nor glory. This four-piece band is back purely for the love and passion for music.

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Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
1 Esplanade Drive
Singapore 038981