Among Four & ExtraOrdinary Horizons


9 Aug 2018, 4:15 PM - 4:45 PM




About Among Four

Among Four is a four-piece, all-male, all-Singaporean vocal group, comprising Azri, Hanan, Lutfil and Perry. Each of them was studying at a different ITE College when they met at the ITE Vocal XChange in 2015. Even though Azri and Perry were both in the Show Choir, Hanan in West Unplugged, and Lutfil in East Voices in Paradise at the time, they formed a firm brotherhood through their love for music.

Since then, Among Four has performed regularly in school and at festivals such as Evolusi Muzika 2018 and Esplanade’s Celebrate December in 2017. Among Four is passionate about championing Singapore music in their repertoire, and giving a voice to the original songs written by their peers. They are accompanied by percussionist Abdul Wafi and their teacher Julian Wong, and supported by song-signers from ExtraOrdinary Horizons.

About ExtraOrdinary Horizons

ExtraOrdinary Horizons (EO Horizons) is a social enterprise whose vision is to create an inclusive society where the disadvantaged gain confidence in their own abilities. They aim to promote deaf awareness through sign language courses, workshops, outreach programmes, interpretation/translation services and performances. EO Horizons also aims to help the deaf better integrate into mainstream society and to be accepted for who they are. Their song-signing, percussion and acting/pantomime performances also contribute to the development and support of the deaf performing arts scene in Singapore.

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Esplanade Concourse
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