Drum Prodigy Singapore Inclusive Ensemble


12 Aug 2018, 7:30 PM - 8:00 PM




About the Inclusive Ensemble

Drum Prodigy Singapore Inclusive Ensemble consists of multiracial students with typical and mixed abilities. They perform world music genres—African, Cuban, Latin, Indian and samba. They are part of the Drum Prodigy health-drumming and talent development programme at Drum Prodigy Singapore, a social enterprise centre for inclusive arts education and wellness. The ensemble drums, sings and dances!

About Drum Prodigy Singapore

DPSG, managed by Shisha Productions Pte Ltd, is an inclusive centre with a social mission to provide arts education and wellness programmes designed for individuals with special needs, while remaining inclusive to the mainstream public. The centre offers drum kit, world percussion classes, guitar/ukulele classes and yoga classes.

Shisha Productions Pte Ltd is a member of the Singapore Centre of Social Enterprise (raiSE.sg). The organisation introduced health-drumming in 2007, when it commenced its Drum Prodigy programme for the special needs population in Singapore. The Drum Prodigy programme is endorsed by National Arts Council and has been offered to almost 16 Special Education schools/centres and many other mainstream schools, encompassing both government and private institutions around Singapore.

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Esplanade Concourse
1 Esplanade Drive
Singapore 038981