6 Oct 2018, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM




We’re having a PARTY and you’re invited!

Do you find yourself tapping your feet to your favourite song? Do you dance till you can’t stop when the beat drops? Would you like to dive into the world of your favourite music video? Us too! We’ll bring the DJ, the lights, the music, and a few surprises…and you bring the party!

PARTY is an interactive performance filled with pure dance fun. No sitting around, no chilling, just groove. Together with the performers, build a space where you can move freely to express yourself!


A Note from the Artists – Alfredo and Maxwell

What is happening in this PARTY?

In PARTY, our goal is that the performer and public come together to discover and develop an awareness of the creative possibility of the body and to share it in a group. With this project, we aim to introduce and sensitise people to contemporary dance, a medium that can both connect people to themselves and to each other, permeating the boundaries of language and culture.

Why a PARTY?

A party is a social practice familiar to everybody: people are able to share a time and a space, to trust other bodies as they loosen up to social conventions and connect on different levels of communication.

Using the frame of a children’s party is a way for our project to contextualise itself in the daily life of the participants as we share dance skills while moving to mostly pop music. We consider it a performance because the public is sharing an experience with the performers. PARTY is an unconventional ritual for our contemporary wish for communality.

How is PARTY different?

One of our biggest goals is that after every party, each child can go home with the feeling that they have experienced, maybe for just a few moments, their own way of moving, different from the dancing they see on television, and different from the usual kids’ party dances. We would like to develop trust in each body that inspires moments of self-connection and creates a journey to find individual dance. At the same time, we have communality as we are all experiencing the same party.

In order to achieve our goal, it is important that the party doesn’t become a dance class, but is rather a facilitated experience where participants have their own space to discover.

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