SMF 86th Anniversary Celebrations - Purple Phoenix Band Performance


2 Sep 2018, 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM




In Celebration of SMF - Singapore Manufacturing Federation 86th Anniversary Celebrations Special Event, we are pleased to bring in the Performance by the legendary Purple Phoenix Girl Band.

JOIN US for a relaxing afternoon of wonderful musical performance with your family and loved ones. Listening to music helps us to relax our mind, reduce our stress, build bonds with family & loved ones and connects us to our soul & spirit for total rejuvenation. Register now. Limited Seats available.

Date : 2 Sept 2018 (Sun)

Time :

1:30 PM onwards (Ticket collection)

2:20 PM (Guests to be seated)

2:30 to 4:30 PM (Performance; no intermission)

The Chinese Purple Phoenix Girl Band is a highly acclaimed all-women orchestra established in 2005, where most of them graduated from prestigious schools such as China Academy of Music .

One distinctive feature of Purple Phoenix is the instruments played by the musicians. Apart from the familiar traditional instruments like Erhu, Guzheng, Pipa, Suona and Chinese flute, the audience will get to hear for the first time, sounds made by rare Chinese instruments such as the Juqin (锯琴) – a Chinese musical saw, and the Zhuihu (坠胡), which can mimic the voice of a Peking opera singer. The audience will also be treated to the sweet and clear timbre made by the newly developed Crystal Erhu (水晶二胡), a beautiful erhu made of crystals.

The Purple Phoenix Ladies´ Ensemble is one of the most sought after Chinese women orchestras in China today.

You can check out some of the Videos here but NOTHING BEATS Watching them LIVE in Action !

All-female, multi-talented orchestra (Purple Phoenix)

Song Performance : Memory (The Purple Phoenix Live in Singapore)

About The Purple Phoenix Orchestra

Members of the Purple Phoenix started their rigorous musical training since young, and went on to hone and refine their professional skills by performing at prestigious music institutions such as the esteemed China Academy of Music and PLA Academy of the Arts. Most players are multi-talented with the ability to play more than one instrument with ease.

The Purple Phoenix Ladies´ Ensemble is one of the most sought after Chinese women orchestras in China today. Since its inaugural performance in Beijing in August 2006, it has toured various parts of China to critical acclaim, garnering rave reviews from both the audience and the media. It is also the only all-women orchestra in China that combines visual and aural elements in their musical performances through acting and dancing.

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Kallang Theatre
Stadium Walk
Singapore 397688