Illuminating Traditions


23 Sep 2018, 8:30 PM - 9:15 PM




What do lotus flowers, lions, dragons and phoenixes have in common? Discover the fantastical stories and legends behind traditional Teochew Music with Nam Hwa Teochew Music Ensemble. Look forward to classics such as Dragon & Phoenix and Waves Washing the Sand, including a special jazz adaptation—perfect for the whole family!

About Nam Hwa Teochew Music Ensemble

Nam Hwa Teochew Music Ensemble was established on 19 October 2017 with a focus on the research, musical arrangement and development of the Teochew musical heritage. Even as a young group, the ensemble received commendations from audience members for its professionalism and quality performances. The ensemble comprises veteran Teochew music practitioners as well as young musicians with Chinese orchestral background. Nam Hwa Teochew Music Ensemble believes in nurturing young talents to preserve and promote Teochew music by providing musicians with a holistic and inclusive learning environment.

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Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
1 Esplanade Drive
Singapore 038981