in::music Yokez & Isaac Yong - World Through Our Eyes 好in::乐 叶玉棂与杨征宇: 我们的「世」角


30 Nov 2018, 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM


Folk & Singer / Songwriter


In a world of 7 billion people where everyone has a different perspective, music is the bridge that connects one to all.

Join homegrown singer-songwriters Yokez and Isaac as they bring you on a beautiful journey of discovering the ways of this world through their musical perspective at in::music. Expect an evening of ballads and lively numbers, including yet-to-be-released originals from the duo, as well as the premiere of a brand-new song written specially for this showcase.


Yokez is an independent local singer-songwriter known for her sweet vocals and bubbly personality. The former NUS alum has participated in various songwriting competitions and her original compositions are heavily influenced by her personal experiences as well as those around her. She is also a finalist in SG:SW 2018 | Write The Songs, a nationwide Mandopop songwriting festival. Yokez most recently released her debut EP and her songs have entered various charts including Spotify Top 50 Viral Tracks Malaysia All Genre Chart.

Isaac Yong

Local singer-songwriter Isaac Yong’s musical journey started when he was 12 years old, inspired by his neighbour’s piano-playing. A self-taught guitarist, violinist and bassist, the former engineer took the plunge to be a full-time musician and has built his presence through various regular gigs at live music establishments. In 2015, he emerged champion at the NTU Music Xpress Songwriting Competition. His songs are widely streamed on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and KKbox. Isaac hopes to release more original compositions in the coming months.





拥有两年搭档演出经验的 Yokez 叶玉棂 和 Isaac杨征宇将首次联手,把自己的原创作品分享给大家。从未发表过的创作将会在当晚首次登场,其中也包括两人为此音乐会打造的一首新歌。


Yokez 叶玉棂

七岁开始学钢琴,自小对音乐充满热忱的本地独立创作歌手Yokez 叶玉棂也时常在社交媒体上分享演唱自己的创作和翻唱歌曲的视频。2016年她翻唱了歌手四叶草的《好想你》并获得热烈的回响,视频至今也累计了超过30万次的点击量。从生活中的琐事寻找灵感,终于在2018年6月发行了首张全创作EP。Yokez也是SG:SW2018我写我的歌的入围创作者之一。



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