Int'l Live Looping Music Festival (FREE ENTRY)


24 Nov 2018, 3:00 PM


25 Nov 2018, 12:00 AM




{{{NOTE: For free entry, show this link, the attached tour poster or Facebook event page at the door.}}}

A celebration of borderless free expression of the Universal Loop...Silence into chaos into form into chaos into Silence.

Y2K18 Live Loop Asia Intl Festival Tour Singapore happens this weekend on November 24th and 25th at kult kafé from 3pm to midnight for non stop back to back, no holds barred, multi discipline individual and collective Creativity, Technology and Community.

***Free Entry Information (Important!)
Attendance is Free but do show this page or poster of the event at the entrance gate of Kult Kafe to gain free entry. The event is held at the indoor Art Gallery. This is a rain or shine come as you are event.

1. Hideki Nakanishi (JP)
2. James Sidlo (US)
3. Cronkite Satellite (US)
4. Mantravine (Intl)
5. Planetary Brothers (Intl)
6. Karen De Silva (MY)
7. Seelan Palay (SG)
8. Deborah Emmanuel (SG)
9. Roz Ecrus (SG)
10. Harith Redzuan (SG)
11. Kai (SG)
12. SA (SG)
13. Jireh Koh (SG)
14. Kai Lam (SG)
15. Aqilah Misuary (SG)
16. Zeekos (SG)
17. Rajiv Singh (SG)
18. Randolf Arriola (SG)

This year's 3rd Bi Annual event Y2K18 Live Loop Asia Intl Festival Tour features over 80+ creative acts over 29 dates in 15 cities across 7 nations including Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia,. Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.

About Live Loop Asia:
Live Loop Asia is non funded non profit organization. It is a movement of reaching out, connecting and exchanging in the spirit of "Creativity, Technology and Community".

Come onboard the discussion group for more details and updates

Randolf Arriola
(Founder of Live Loop Asia)

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Kult Kafe
11 Upper Wilkie Rd
Singapore 228120