Dauntless Spirit 2019 - SNYCO & SCO Annual Concert 少年之锐2019 - 新加坡国家青年华乐团与新加坡华乐团年度音乐会


16 Mar 2019, 8:00 PM - 8:15 PM




指挥: 葉聰、郭勇德、倪恩辉 


捕风掠影I                                      江赐良     

指挥: 郭勇德 

姐妹岛                                          王辰威        

指挥: 倪恩辉 

王子与狮子                                   罗伟伦    

指挥: 郭勇德  


挂毯∶ 时光飞舞                             埃里克•沃森

指挥: 葉聰 

舞剧组曲:女娲 (世界首演)        潘耀田

指挥: 葉聰 


Conductor: Tsung Yeh, Quek Ling Kiong, Moses Gay

Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra

Izpirazione I                                       Simon Kong Su Leong

Conductor: Quek Ling Kiong

The Sisters’ Islands                             Wang Chen Wei

Conductor: Moses Gay

Prince Sang Nila Utama and Singa       Law Wai Lun

Conductor: Quek Ling Kiong

Singapore Chinese Orchestra & Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra

Tapestries: Time Dances                     Eric Watson

Conductor: Tsung Yeh

Dance Suite: Nü Wa (World Premiere)  Phoon Yew Tien

Conductor: Tsung Yeh

SNYCO and SCO’s Annual Concert - Dauntless Spirit - returns in 2019 combining the best and brilliance of young talents to showcase their virtuosity with award-winning compositions. Expect to watch them perform Simon Kong’s Izpirazione I, Wang Chen Wei’s The Sisters’ Islands and Law Wai Lun’s Prince Sang Nila Utama and Singa. Two SNYCO members will also be performing with SCO in two selected concertos. The magnificent side-by-side mega orchestra of SNYCO and SCO will perform Eric Watson’s Tapestries: Time Dances and the world premiere of Phoon Yew Tien’s new work Dance Suite: Nu Wa.

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Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert Hall
7 Shenton Way
Singapore 068810