Chinese Chamber Music Sounds of Percussive Wind 华族室内乐:笛笙鼓韵


4 Apr 2019, 7:30 PM - 8:40 PM




Demonstrating the dynamic characteristics of Chinese bamboo instruments sheng, dizi and the versatility of Chinese percussion, this is an energetic chamber performance led by Ding Yi Music Company’s virtuosos Soh Swee Kiat, Ng Hsien Han and Low Yik Hang. Featuring favourite Chinese classics such as The Phoenix Soaring into the Sky, Return of the Swallow and Night Thoughts, the talented trio will also be premiering The Grass – a specially commissioned work by renowned composer Wang Jue.

About Ding Yi

Established in 2007, Ding Yi Music Company is Singapore’s most prodigious Chinese chamber music ensemble with a vast repertoire ranging from traditional Chinese music to contemporary and cross-genre work, bringing the best Chinese chamber music to the Singapore and international stage.

There will be post-show talk in English and Mandarin.

吹鼓乐是中国音乐史上重要乐种之一,常用于宫廷、民间场合。 此次鼎艺团三位优秀演奏家黄显行、苏瑞杰以及刘峰将携手带来协作一致和充满活力的华乐室内乐,在音乐会上演绎多首华乐吹奏及打击乐经典作品如《凤凰展翅》、《燕归来》和《夜深沉》。鼎艺团为此音乐会委约中国著名作曲家王珏创作——笛、笙与打击乐重奏《小草》。


成立于2007年的鼎艺团,是新加坡最杰出的华乐室内乐团之一,宗旨在通过演奏华乐传统音乐与跨流派现代作品, 在新加坡或国际舞台弘扬与推广华乐室内乐。


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