Music Tuesdays: Art in Music 周二聚会:音中的画意


28 May 2019, 7:30 PM - 7:45 PM





水墨 / 刘长远

悠然 / 艾力群

煞尾 / 刘青

飘进天堂的花朵 / 郭文景

雪江归棹 / 贾国平

闻歌起舞 / 刘长远

悠然水墨,音中画意。 “周二聚会” 将以画入乐,把视觉与听觉共冶一炉。多位中国目前炙手可热的作曲家,包括郭文景、贾国平、刘长远、艾力群、刘青的华族室内乐作品将由华本团多位优秀演奏家为您尽情诠释。

Conductor: Ysung Yeh

Chinese Ink Painting / Liu Chang Yuan

Carefree / Ai Li Qun

Winding Up / Liu Qing

Petals to Heaven/ Guo Wenjing

Rivers and Mountains after Snow / Jia Guoping

Dance to the Music / Liu Chang Yuan

In this Music Tuesdays concert, enjoy an evening of Chinese ensemble music. Experience the unique charm of Chinese music and instruments through a selection of pieces that ignite an imagery feast of visual artistry. SCO musicians will perform the works of renowned Chinese composers including Guo Wenjing, Jia Guoping, Liu Chang Yuan, Ai Li Qun and Liu Qing.

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Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert Hall
7 Shenton Way
Singapore 068810