Poems of Three Eras


7 Mar 2019, 6:45 PM - 7:15 PM




The Tang dynasty is often considered as the golden age of Chinese poetry, where poems played an integral role in society and strong influenced Chinese and world literature. Alongside Tang poems are lyrics from the Song Dynasty, which started its roots in the Liang dynasty and developed in the Tang dynasty, before flourishing in the Song dynasty. These two forms were both considered the peak of ancient Chinese literature.

Poems of the modern era have broken away from the conventional format of classical Chinese poetry and have taken on a more free-verse and vernacular form, seeking to reflect new ways of life and thinking of today.

Local veteran voiceover artist Lee Yong Tick will be reciting and introducing popular poems from these three eras, with music accompaniment by Chin Yen Chien on pipa and Jason Chua on dizi.

About Lee Yong Tick

Lee Yong Tick was the former deputy programme director and music director of Radio Singapore International (Chinese section). He started his career as a voiceover artist at the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation in the 1980s, and was involved in the establishment of Radio Singapore International (RSI) in 1994.

He is currently a freelance voice artist and the leader of Char Yong (Dabu) Association’s Ke Yun Tuan (Hakka melody group), which actively promotes Hakka culture and traditions.

About Chin Yen Chien

Chin Yen Chien started learning the pipa at the age of 10. He is actively involved in different Chinese orchestra groups in Singapore, and has won multiple awards in various music competitions. Chin has also represented Singapore in numerous international programmes such as the Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival Competition (2008), ASEAN Network of Major Cities 21 Cultural Exchange (2009), International Ramayana Festival (2015), and the SAC International Conference of Folk Performing Arts in ASEAN (2015). In September 2018, together with his multi-ethnic ensemble Art Dè Trio, Chin performed at the Singapore Festival held in Moscow, Russia.

He is also currently the plucked string instructor and conductor of various secondary schools’ Chinese orchestra groups.

About Jason Chua

Jason Chua started learning the dizi at the age of six. Over the years, he has honed his skills under Tan Chye Tiong, local dizi musician in the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, among other outstanding musicians. Apart from performing on various platforms, Chua has also participated in the Chinese Orchestra Competition (2017), where he clinched both the Gold and Gold with Honours award in the open category.

He is currently a woodwind instructor at various primary and secondary schools in Singapore as well as Malaysia.

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