Intermission Sessions


6 Apr 2019, 10:30 PM


7 Apr 2019, 2:00 AM


World Music


Intermission Bar presents live electronic organik dance music on a Saturday night with Mantravine. Get a free ticket online and enjoy a night of groovy bass music with live violin, guitar, vocals, trombone, synthesizers, wonky effects, wobbly sine waves and erratic diddly doodly sounds.

Mantravine is a world electronic band of sonic sorcerers from Singapore that combines electronic and acoustic music into organic frequencies. Inspired by nature, everyday sounds, & human connections they love unifying dance floors with rhythms from around the globe, interactive improvisations and live looping.

Mantravine has performed at Luminate Festival & Twisted Frequency Festival in New Zealand, Atman Festival in Sri Lanka, Phoenix Festival in Hawaii, Gaggalacka Festival in Germany, Nataraja Festival in France, World Beer Summit Festival & One Music Camp Festival in Japan, Burning Island Festival in Indonesia, Asean Puppetry Exchange in Malaysia, Thailand, MSC in Serbia & Montenegro, Neon Lights, Soulscape, Pink Dot, Armenian Street Party and is a regular feature at Chill Sessions in Singapore.

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Intermission Bar - at The Projector
6001 Beach Road
#05-00 Golden Mile Tower, The Projector
Singapore 199589