Entrance of the Barong and Rangda


18 Apr 2019, 7:15 PM - 7:45 PM


World Music


The village of Pinda has a long history of Balinese gamelan gong kebyar music. Known for its exuberant style of playing and bursts of sound, gong kebyar has become the orchestra of choice for many Balinese theatrical forms. Efforts to increase the awareness of the musicianship of Pinda began in the 1930s when the King of Saba, I Gusti Ngurah Djelantik decreed that the villagers of Pinda had to attend compulsory music programmes. Pinda became so well known for its gamelan that it attracted the attention of many well-known ethnomusicologists, such as Michael Tenzer (University of British Columbia, Canada) and Peter Mark (Leubeck University of Music, Germany) who came to study the signature music style of Pinda’s gamelan.

Gamelan Pinda Sari, which means the ‘essence of Pinda’, was set up by artistic director I Nyoman Kariasa in early 2000. To this day the group takes pride in upholding the long-standing music tradition of Pinda. The group gets invited regularly for tourist performances as well as temple festivals all over Bali.

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