Mangala Vaadhyam


19 Apr 2019, 5:30 PM - 6:15 PM


World Music


In Tamil culture, mangala vaadhyam is music that accompanies auspicious occasions such as weddings, child-naming and house warming ceremonies. Dating back to 1500BCE, it was first a nomadic bard’s tradition that became defunct after Indian temples became patrons of music and dance. 

The instruments that are play such music are nadaswaram, a loud, double-reeded wind instrument meant to be played in an open space, and the thavil, a pair of barrel-shaped drums. 

The mangala vaadhyam is traditionally performed at temples or in temple-oriented functions, and precedes the idols in temple processions. 

Practitioners follow a strict decorum, and are expected to purify themselves before, during and after playing. The music is believed to sanctify the ceremonies which follow, and bring auspiciousness and heavenly blessings to the listeners.

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