The Song of Life


20 Apr 2019, 6:45 PM - 7:30 PM


World Music


Singing is a central aspect of the Bunun Tribe culture in which daily activities of hunting, drinking and praying are captured in song. From chanting from the mountain afar to bringing news of a successful hunt to gathering to pray for an abundant harvest, singing for the Bunun is a form of communication as well as a means of expression among one another. The songs in this program capture the Bunun’s rituals, prayers, and depictions of life experiences and events. The singing of the Bunun is an oral tradition and they hope to further preserve their history.

About The Bunun Mountain Traditional Music Chorus

The Bunun Mountain Traditional Music Chorus was formally formed in 1986 and is known for preserving the original Bunun voice and songs from their ancestors. Their Founder and first General Director of the Chorus, Da hu-nahaisulan spent countless hours researching the Bunun history and studying their mother tongue. His devotion and effort have made the chorus its name and encouraged many young people to join the chorus.

Read + listenThe Bunun of Taiwan: a shimmering vocal harvest

Published 21 Mar 2019An oral tradition growing into the 21st century – how the indigenous Bunun people redefined authenticity and took their performances beyond their native island’s shores.

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