Akeem Jahat & The Mobbin Hoodies


29 Jun 2019, 10:00 PM - 11:59 PM


Hip Hop / Rap


Budak Jahat Budak Jahat! (Bad Boy Bad Boy!)

Akeem Jahat is a rapper/songwriter/producer who is known for his raw and streetwise works in the mixtape circuit. Akeem began mixing around in the perimeters of Woodlands. He was at every street, avenue and corner, gradually becoming the product of his environment. This has given him the ability to understand and engage diverse situations accordingly. 

In 2014, Akeem released SeluDOPE, the well acclaimed 20-track mixtape. The impact was almost instantaneous as soon as the mixtape hit the internet. Songs like Nora Danish, Duit Rokok and Ribena even caught attention outside of the hip hop scene, turning Akeem into more than just an underground act. He gradually garnered the attention of the internet with his unique bilingual Malay-English compositions.

The Mobbin Hoodies join Akeem on stage at Pesta Raya performing tracks off his mixtape such as Woodlands, Level 22s and Gua love minahs. Come through and party with them!

Visit www.esplanade.com/pestaraya for the full festival line-up.

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