East West Extravaganza - A Dialogue of Erhu & Viola 中西琴汇——二胡与中提琴的对话音乐会


26 Jul 2019, 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM




“Every time we collaborate as music colleagues, the meeting of “minds and hearts” is at the centre of that remarkable experience. This has been true through the ages - the most inspired and inspiring musical friendships are intrinsically tied to this connection between erhu and viola - An Inspirational Musical Friendships!”  Duan Aiai

With so many performances across the homeland, the duet begins to establish the famous of all musical affiliations with composers such as Mr Enjott Schneider, President of the renowned German Composition Association, Mr Sheng Ye and Mr Sun Jian, two of the best-known composers from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. A beautiful and mesmerizing composition created for Duan Aiai, erhu and Sheng Li, viola with piano accompanist, Jiang Shan has such expressive vocal quality that appropriately captured the spirit that a great font of inspiration channelled between these three great musicians, fuelled by intimate affection, passion, and artistic intensity that they shared. Through the gentle dialogue of the two ethnically different strings instruments, one can hear the voices of human exchanging intimately and affectionately.  

The ONLY one-night concert will cover a range of repertoires from the original adaption of Chi-nese folk songs, music inspired by the Central Asia and Georgia region. The colourful music dances inspired across the silk road. This is going to be a musical dialogue that flowed from the compositional intersection through the geo-culture, landscape and language of music.

上海民族乐团胡琴独奏家段皑皑和上海音乐学院中提琴教授盛利,这两位对音乐饱含着满腔热情的音乐家,在长期的交流沟通中,意外地发现各自手中的乐器竟能融合、碰撞出奇异动听的音乐火花,也由此触动了他们想要将代表着中国传统音乐文化的胡琴和西方弦乐器家族中的中提琴进行全新组合,并以此展开一场“中西对话”的灵感。为此,他们邀请了诸多知名作曲家,包括德国作曲家协会会长Enjott Schneider、上海音乐学院青年作曲家沈叶、孙剑等,为胡琴和中提琴这一创新的组合形式进行创作。



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China Cultural Centre Theatre / 中国文化中心剧院
217 Queen Street
Level 4
Singapore 188548