SNYCO Exuberance of Youth IV / 新加坡国家青年华乐团乐烁青春(四)


20 Jul 2019, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM





古槐寻根 / 赵季平

云山雁邈 / 王丹红

客家歌谣联 / 卢亮辉

粤风 / 常平

娘惹吟 / 马欢

南音雅集 之 骏马驰劲 / 罗伟伦

飘洋过海 / 王辰威

生生不息 (新加坡首演) / 陈思昂


Conductor: Quek Ling Kiong

In Search of the Roots of the Ancient Pagoda Tree / Zhao Jiping

The Clouds, The Mountains and The Distant Geese / Wang Danhong

Medley of Hakka Tunes / Lo Leung Fai

Rhyme of Canton / Chang Ping

A Ditty of Nyonya / Ma Huan

Elegance of Nanyin: The Magnificent Steeds / Law Wai Lun

Pelarayan (Voyage) / Wang Chen Wei

Endless (Singapore Premiere) / Chen Si’ang

SNYCO’s annual Exuberance of Youth concert collaborates with Siong Leng Musical Association to perform The Magnificent Steeds by SCO Composer-in-Residence Law Wai Lun. Savour the iconic Cantonese music in Rhyme of Canton by Chang Ping, as well as Medley of Hakka Tunes by Lo Leung Fai. Experience the diverse heritage of Singapore - with music influenced by Hakka, Cantonese, Peranakan, Malay, Indian and Nanyin music, and a cultural fusion of pipa and oud featuring pipa principal Chen Xinyu and guest musician Teo Yu Yao respectively.

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Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert Hall
7 Shenton Way
Singapore 068810