Crowd Lu 卢广仲 2019 World Tour Singapore 11 周年演唱会 「大人中」


5 Oct 2019, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Folk & Singer / Songwriter


To all the fans of Crowd Lu in Singapore, the multi-talented singer, composer and actor Crowd Lu is bringing his 11th Anniversary Concert 「大人中」to the Esplanade Theatre on 5th October 2019! With his successful Spring World Tour in 2018, his 「大人中」concert was phenomenally successful in Taiwan, selling out consecutively for 3 nights at the Taipei Arena, where he performed to 30,000 fans, impressing everyone with his endless energy, surprising fans with his spectacular live performance.

The impressive thing about Lu is that he is able to create a soulful performance with a guitar in his hands, and this is evident in the fact that he was awarded multiple musical accolades in the Golden Melody Awards for “Best New Artist”, “Best Composer” and “Best Song of the Year”. With his foray into his first television series, he was also awarded “Best Leading Actor in a Television Series” and “Best Newcomer in a Television Series” in the Golden Bell Awards for his role in “A Boy Named Flora A”.

For the concert, fans can definitely be prepared to hear the many classic hits they would be familiar with, such as the song that would remind them of “A Boy Named Flora A”《明仔载》, or crowd favourite 《鱼仔》that everyone would sing along to. With each of his songs in these 11 years, Lu would be able to showcase his growth, while showcasing his true self to the audience. The journey of the past 11 years is also symbolic of the fans becoming part of his「大人中」, so fans will definitely have to prepare all of these songs to sing along with Crowd Lu at Esplanade Theatre on 5th October 2019!

所有新加坡的小队员们,创作鬼才卢广仲即将在今年 10 月 5 日把万众瞩目的11周年演唱会「大人中」演唱会带来狮城的 Esplanade Theatre!续上一次 2018 年在新加坡的春季世界巡回演唱会,卢广仲上月在台北小巨蛋的「大人中」演唱会连开三爆滿成功,喜迎了三万名小队员朝圣,为大家带 来毫无冷场的高水准演出,用尽全力给大家带来惊喜。

小队长的作曲和歌唱本领可不 是盖的,只需要一把吉他就能有充满灵魂的演出,不仅获得了金曲奖的最佳新人奖, 最佳作曲人奖,也得到最佳年度歌曲奖。多才多艺的他,去年担任优质戏剧“花甲男孩 转大人”里所扮演的郑花甲获得了金钟奖的戏剧节目男主角及新进演员奖。

卢广仲也会为新加坡的小队员们带来多首耳熟能详的经典之作,像是让人跌入花甲男 孩转大人剧情的《明仔载》,或是肯定让全场大合唱的金曲之作《鱼仔》。卢广仲将 用一首一首歌曲,为自己细数 11 年来的各种成长点滴,也把观众朋友们带入他内心的世界,把最真实的自己呈现给大家。这也象征着小队员们成为自己「大人中」的一部分,所以小队员们可要练习好这些歌曲,才能在演唱会晚能和队长一起大合唱!

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Esplanade Theatre
1 Esplanade Drive
Singapore 038981