Ding Yi Chinese Chamber Music Festival 2019 鼎艺华乐室内节2019 Tang Family Music Ensemble 汤家班In collaboration with Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay鼎艺团与滨海艺术中心联合制


15 Sep 2019, 7:30 PM - 8:40 PM




Consisting of three generations of musicians, the Tang Family Music Ensemble is one of the celebrated Chinese chamber music ensembles in China known for their silk and bamboo music presentation. Led by the renowned pipa master Tang Liang Xing, together with two other Chinese music virtuosos and China First Grade musicians—dizi master Zhan Yong Ming and sheng master Weng Zhen Fa—the performance will showcase series of familiar and traditional classics such as Walking the Street, Moderately Ornamented Six Beats and Auspicious Clouds.

Silk and Bamboo Music

Walking the Street

Moderately Ornamented Six Beats

Auspicious Clouds

汤家班由三世代音乐家组成,是中国著名的华乐室内乐团之一,以江南丝竹的精彩演绎闻名。著名琵琶大师汤良兴将联同两位中国华乐名家与国家一级演奏家 一 笛子大师詹永明以及笙大师翁镇发,一起为您呈献一系列经典华乐金曲,如《行街》、《中花六板》和《云庆》等。





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