Rasanubhava – Musical Expressions of Swathi Thirunal and Balamuralikrishna


19 Aug 2017, 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM


World Music


The compositions of Swathi Thirunal and Balamuralikrishna embody the complete and synergistic elements of music and dance.
As composers for dance, their works were a fine balance of rhythm and gait—with much scope for panchanadai (the five basic gaits) and theermanams (rhythmic patterns)—making the pieces highly danceable. As musicians, their ragas (scales) and lyrics lent themselves so well to abhinaya (expressions), that in the hands of sensitive musicians and soulful dancers, had the ability to move the audience.
Join musicians and dancers from Bhaskar’s Arts Academy as they explore the compositions of these two seminal composers.
Swathi Thirunal
A king who lived around 200 years ago, Swathi Thirunal was also an artist whose creative vision took music beyond geographical borders. His work revealed more than bhakthi (devotion), and was essentially his philosophical outlook on life. Aside from his mastery of his mother tongue, Malayalam, and his profound knowledge of Sanskrit, Swathi Thirunal also composed in Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and Hindustani.
Known for publishing songs in all 72 melakartha ragas (fundamental scales) while he was still a teenager, Balamuralikrishna personified creativity and was consistently defying established traditions. Because of that, the carnatic world was gifted with ragas such as Rohini, Lavangi, Mahathi, Prathimadhyamavathi, Sumukham, and many more.
Carnatic Composers is a series of concerts that explores the rich diversity of carnatic music through the composers who have defined and redefined the genre from the 15th century to the present.

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