Turnt Up! Vol 2 (1v1 Hip Hop Battle)


7 May 2017, 1:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Hip Hop / Rap


Local dance crew BLAQUENEEZ brings you Turnt Up! Vol 2.

Turnt Up! Vol 2, is a 1v1 Hip hop dance battle judged by one of the youngest and most recognized in Japan, Maika & Kyoka (RushBall) from Osaka. Alongside in the judging panel is Semmy Blank all the way from Indonesia.

Prior to the battle date, there will be a series of workshops, Q&A and Get-to-Know sessions with our judges.

Workshops will be conducted and focused on :
- Specializing dance techniques and perfecting choreography skills.
- Expanding more dance vocabulary and knowledge.
- To build relations with our younger community with established young foreigners in the same generation as them.

Let's share and continue expanding knowledge!
Let's further enhance the skills of our current and new generation in our community.
Lets push and cultivate an educational street dance culture, and encourage exposure for our current and new talents in dance battles and choreography.

We also have DJ OLLIE DES & DJ Phliq on the deck!

-------- FEES ----------------------
Competitor: $25
Audience: $30

** There will be NO door sales
**All tickets are inclusive of admission to the After Party/Exhibition Battle. Stay tuned for this one!

More updates to be revealed soon! In the meantime, let's hit the lab before we get Turnt Up!

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Aliwal Arts Centre
28 Aliwal Street
Singapore 199918