423 Comedy Cum Hits Concert 名胜423 看了就發搞笑金曲


23 Apr 2017, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM




423 Comedy cum Hits concert brings together veteran singers Sakura 樱花 Ah Ji Zai 阿吉仔, Chen Qiong Mei 陈琼美 and Singapore popular ge-tai singers Chen Jian Bin 陈建彬, Wang Lei 王雷, Hao Hao 皓皓, and Li Pei Fen 李佩芬 for a one-night only concert at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa filled with fun, laughter and good songs.

Sakura, the "A-go-go" princess is a well-loved personality that everyone is familiar with. Renowned for her great fashion sense and bubbly on-stage persona, she is able to sing in 12 different languages namely Mandarin, English, Korea, Japanese, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnam, Philippines, Hokkien, Spanish and Cantonese. Expect jokes galore from this very humorous and lively artiste as she delivers her evergreen hits like 黄昏放牛, 牧童之歌, 新桃花江 and more.

Ah Ji Zai, veteran singer, who suffered from polio paralysis when he was 6 months old, started his singing career since 1987 with his signature song 命运的吉他. He has released more than 20 albums in his own unique singing style with hit songs such as 再会夜都市, 同心行同路, 歹竹出好筍, 板凳舞 and more.

Chen Qiong Mei, veteran singer started her singing career at a very young age and has released more than 30 albums with hit songs such as 何处着妈咪, 走不完的路, 雨点 and more. She has also acted in several Taiwan movies and drama series.
Chen Jian Bin, well known as the King of Getai host, has hosted many lunar Seventh Month ge-tai stage shows.He is also the excellent host for Mediacorp's most popular variety programme 黄金年华之斗歌竞艺. Besides hosting and singing, Marcus also acted in several block buster movies such as老师嫁老大, 突然发财, 吓到笑, 五福到 and more
Wang Lei, singer-host-actor, holds a unique image & trademark of wearing a hat that resembles the popular Taiwan singer 陈雷. He is an also excellent host for the lunar Seventh Month ge-tai stage shows, dinner shows and many outdoor shows. He also acted in several movies 吓到笑, 鬼也笑, 我们的故事1&2 and more.
Hao Hao, singer-host-actor, with a versatile vocal that can impersonate male and female voices that woo the hearts of many people and had established a strong fan base. Hao Hao had won the Most Popular Ge-tai Male Singer for year 2013 and 2014 in the Singapore Ge-tai award presentation. He has released several albums and had held several of his own solo concerts too.

Li Pei Fen, singer-host, started singing in ge-tai at the age of 6 and had been highly acclaimed as an excellent bi-lingual host. She had won the Most Popular Female Host award for year 2013 and 2014 in the Singapore Ge-tai award presentation.

Circle the date on your calendar and join these excellent singers as they belt out their hit songs that will make this an unforgettable night for everyone.

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Resorts World Theatre
Resorts World Sentosa
Singapore 098269