A date with 烈火 黄致列新加坡音乐见面会 A date with 烈火Hwang Chiyeul Mini Concert


28 May 2017, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM




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Endowed with charming good looks, and a powerful and versatile vocal,
He often challenges different genres of music and nails them with finesse.
On stage, he is a shining star oozing charisma.
Off stage, he is your simple boy-next-door.

He is the Golden Voice, Hwang Chi Yeul.

He made his official debut in 2007 but received little attention then. Despite remaining unknown for 9 years, he never gave up.Because of his love for music, he continued to pursue his dream. In 2015, he appeared on a South Korean music show by Mnet, I Can See Your Voice, as an amateur. He won wide acclaim with his good looks and skilled vocals. He went on to participate and compete in KBS' music program, Immortal Songs, and conquered the audience with his extraordinary talents and skills throughout his 15 performances which shot him to fame.

On the show, he sang a heartrending song, "Father", and that served as a stepping stone for him to break into China's entertainment industry. In 2016, Hunan TV invited him to participate in I am a Singer 4, competing with a group of well-known vocalists. Being a newcomer on the Chinese stage, he was considered a dark horse. Despite facing language barriers, he managed to progress to the finals after 13 performances and came in as the second runner-up. His amazing achievements earned him a spot among the stellar cast of Hallyu stars. With his phenomenal surge in popularity, he received numerous invitations to perform in China's notable variety shows such as, Hunan TV's Day Day Up and Happy Camp, and Mango TV's Super Girl 2016 and Where Are We Going, Dad? Season 4.

After returning to South Korea, he was appointed as a brand representative of Lotte Duty Free Shop. He also received the distinguished "7th Popular Culture and Arts Award" from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Concurrently, he participated in the soundtrack of KBS’ hit Korean drama, Love in the Moonlight, as well as SBS' reality-documentary show, Law of the Jungle, in which his good behaviour garnered him national attention.

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他 拥有俊朗的外表
他 拥有一副浑厚的嗓音
他 能把任何曲风演绎得淋漓尽致
他 舞台上魅力爆发, 帅气凛然
他 私底下却是个邻家屋塔房王子
他 是炽烈金嗓—-  黄致列

默默无闻9年, 因为热爱音乐,
他坚持着梦想, 未曾放弃过。



这一年,他以新人姿态 获奖无数,
粉丝见面会遍布南京、深圳、美国 、台湾、首尔、马来西亚。
甚至还在北京办了首场个人演唱会 。

幽默风趣、 口才机智的他, 开始尝试新挑战。
时隔一年,他不但以主持人身份重返KBS2《不朽的名曲》的舞台 ,还挑起了“第31届金唱片颁奖典礼(音源部门)”主持人的重任,表现可圈可点, 颇受好评。

2017-7102, 命中注定致列年! 他将带着新歌,带着对大家的感谢和热爱来到新加坡,与一直期待他到来的歌谜们见面。



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