NTU Bboy Jam Vol. 5


20 May 2017, 12:30 PM - 7:00 PM


Hip Hop / Rap


The annual NTU Jam is back ! Hosted by NTU Breakers, the jam aims to deliver another playground for regional bboys/bgirls to jam together !

This year we are very fortunate to have Converge Studios as our venue sponsor, so stay tuned for somewhere fresh that breaks away from pulau NTU !

Date : 20 May 2017
Time : 12.30pm
Venue : Converge Studios

Registration link : goo.gl/forms/Z5FSYYrESoBYbK0K3

Competitors : $12 pax (student) : $15 pax (non-student)

Audience : $12

Events :
3v3 Breaking Battle
Young Gen exhibition battle
Invitational 7-to-smoke

Judges :
1) Small River (Halley Crew) - Vietnam
2) Gawblin aka Goblin (Flow Like Rivers Crew) - Korea
3) TRue CoLouR$ (Radikal Forze/ 7$ / Style Groovaz Crew) - Singapore

Emcee :
Felix (Radikal Forze)

DJ :
DJ CHEEKY (Underone crew/ WWBB)

Young Gen battle :
Sean (Chinchilla Star Fleet) vs JiaHao Lil Man

Invitational 7-to-smoke :
1) Shadiko (Easy Sunday/ Usual Suspects/ Checkered Minds)
2) Abooga (PreSkoolFunk/ Aerial Crew/ Battle Shoguns/ TBB)
3) Slain (Artistreet)
4) Jeremiah (Raw Massive)
5) Stan (Definition/ Band of Brothers)
6) Scamp (Oshare/ SoulBurnz/ TBB)
7) R.Ga (The Future Crew)
8) Erin (Breakinus)

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Converge Studios
137 Cecil Street
Singapore 069537