Walls of Insomnia: The Experience


21 Jul 2017, 8:00 PM


22 Jul 2017, 10:00 PM




Walls of Insomnia: The Experience

The official public presentation and launch of “Walls of Insomnia” by

Brethren Demonica.

Evolving from traditional writing into an era of modernism, the event is a groundbreaking unison of multidisciplinary artists, comprising of poetry reading by the author, a photography and art exhibition, 5 song performances, 2 dance pieces and 1 theatre play, coming together to showcase their own artistic representations of the poetry written in the book.

Poetry by

Brethren Demonica

Art and Photography Art by

Jasbir John Singh

Dance and Choreography by

Sandhya Suresh

Keisha Srinivasan

Theatre Performance by

Sharda Harrison

Music by the band Diamond Mouth, featuring

Brethren Demonica

Shyam Raj

Subash Ramesh

Vimal Joshua

Reuben Michael

Elijah Matthew

Tharenii Muniandy

with Special Guest Artists

Dita Jacob

Roselyn Mathew

*Entrance to Art Exhibition is complimentary and does not require a ticket.

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The Substation Theatre
45 Armenian Street
Singapore 179936