The Buy-Rit's-Flute Benefit Concert


18 Aug 2017, 9:00 PM


19 Aug 2017, 12:00 AM




The story so far: A couple of months back, our young musical brother, the Singaporean (and world-class!) flute virtuoso Rit Xu, had his beautiful instrument stolen from a parked car. Despite as much media exposure as we could collectively manage, the instrument was never recovered.

This Powell flute was, of course, his pride and joy, and as one of the most sought-after flutes on the planet, is not the kind of thing most musicians will manage to find the funds to buy even once - let alone a second time.

So, because we all love Rit, and want him to be at his dazzling best, we have come up with the idea of doing a concert where we make the best music we know how, in order to bring in music lovers who will help us assemble the funds to buy this instrument again.

Blu Jaz Cafe have kindly donated their 3rd-floor space on Friday the 18th of August.

The show will be headlined by Omniform, the 10-piece jazz ensemble that Rit has been an integral part of over the past 5 years, and will be kicked-off by the 2017 Groove Works ensemble that Rit was also part of.

Powell themselves (the instrument maker) have promised to give a very special price. Once we know that, we have a target.

So here we are calling out to all musicians, jazz lovers, and fans of music in Singapore, to contribute in some way to the cause.

We are not setting a ticket price. It will be a completely discretionary amount according to what you want to contribute. Your place in this event will be assured once you pledge your contribution.

We will publish below a list of the musicians, supporters and music lovers who confirm support of this initiative, and once we have an idea of exactly how much we are aiming for, we can report on the progress towards our goal.

All those who want to contribute:

Msicians Performing:
Keith Ong
Maxim Yanchenko
Tim O'Dwyer
Greg Lyons
Rit Xu
Eriko Murakami
Ashley Howard
Leo Jeoh
Issei Suzuki
Amery Rueban
Viktor Dimitrov

June Ho $50

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Blu Jaz Cafe, Level 3
11 Bali Lane
3rd Floor
Singapore 189848