ArtScienceLate: Ujikaji- Smokescreen by George Chua & Wu Jun Han


17 Aug 2017, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM




ArtScience Late: Ujikaji Presents Smokescreen by George Chua and Wu Jun Han
Thursday, 17 August 2017 | 8pm-9pm
Level 4, Expression Gallery
Free on a first-come-first-served basis. Limited capacity.

"The history of battle is primarily the history of radically changing fields of perception." - Paul Virilio, War and Cinema: The Logistics of Perception

In the August edition of ArtScience Late, Ujikaiji takes over with an experimental sound performance spotlighting sound artists and noise activists in Singapore's music subcultural scene

About Ujikaji
Ujikaji means “experiment” in Malay, and the independent music label’s interests lie in the curation of experimental music, with a special focus on Southeast Asian artists and sounds. The label supports a partnership with independent artists that allows them to focus on the creative aspects of music-making.

About Wu Jun Han
Wu Jun Han plays and performs in the audio-visual, expanded from a background in video art. He works with an interdisciplinary approach to performance, developed out of themes of the visceral, vernacular and the future.
He has performed extensively as a live visualist, playing live visual for music performances, ranging from improv and the avant-garde, to pop and punk bands. He also engages in an experimental music practice, based in improvisation, percussion and electronics.

About George Chua
George Chua is a sound artist and experimental musician based in Singapore. He currently uses the modular synth as a live peformance tool. He aims to create electronic music free of the anxiety of influence, in which genre boundaries can be unclear, unnecessary and unpredictable. In 2014, George began another chapter in his exploration of experimental forms and started phase two of his work after a five-year hiatus. His key focus is on creating music and dense sound structures based on his experiences of trance-like states. Apart from his solo work, his collaborative interests include live improvisation with sound, unconventional strategies for soundtracks and sound design for film and theatre.

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