8 Dec 2017, 9:00 PM - 9:30 PM




Crenshaw Yeo, Dinesh Balasingam, Inch Chua and Natalie Yeap are four friends and theatre practitioners with a profound love for musical theatre. Together, they are Squartro, and they present renditions of well-loved musical theatre tunes from Broadway and Singapore.

Crenshaw Yeo

Crenshaw Yeo graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with a BA(Hons) in Musical Theatre. During the course, he played diverse roles, from Luigi Gaudi in Lucky Stiff, to Roy Cohn in the Pulitzer Prize-winning play Angels in America. Yeo’s professional credits include Yong Nyuk Lin in The LKY Musical, Richard Gan in Emily the Musical, an ensemble role in Rent, Melania Tramp in W!ld Rice’s La Cage Aux Folles, and was part of the ensemble in The Great Wall Musical by Glowtape Productions. Yeo is also the current voice of Sharity Elephant. Most recently he completed a run as Turkey Lurkey in SRT’s Chicken Little. When not doing shows, Yeo teaches musical theatre and singing. When not working, he attempts original scripts, songs, and tries to get better at playing the piano, and tries to populate his YouTube channel with videos.

Dinesh Balasingam

Still in a state of shock that he was asked to be a part of this dream team, Dinesh Balasingam is as green as they come when it comes to doing theatre for a living. But what he lacks in experience, he makes up for with plenty of heart. While he traded the hallowed halls of New York University for the unpredictable start-up life, Balasingam has always had a passion for theatre, having pursued it throughout secondary school and junior college. When not belting the soundtrack of Dear Evan Hansen in the shower at 2am, you can find him checking out the latest food spots around town (working for restaurant reservations platform Chope means eating is an occupational hazard!) and watching copious amounts of television. When he finally musters up the discipline to head to the gym, he hopes to develop the six-pack he'll need to play his dream role, Aladdin.

Inch Chua

Fitting Inch Chua into a caricature of her namesake would be a misnomer. Always surprising people with her breadth of musicianship and depth of personality, Chua is never afraid to venture into the discomforting umbra of artistry to push her own limits and challenge popular perceptions. One can imagine her as a musical nomad with the spirit animal of a mouse deer—endangered, private and mysterious, yet when revealed is honest and vulnerable—a contradiction of meekness and artfulness. Such unpredictability makes this pint-sized Singapore singer-songwriter all the more an exciting paradox to embark on a musical adventure with.

Natalie Yeap

Natalie Yeap read Law at the University of Bristol before training in Musical Theatre at the Royal Academy of Music in London. She also trained with Singapore Repertory Theatre’s The Young Co. (2011). Credits while training include Anna in Closer, Mabel in Mack and Mabel and ensembles in Carousel and Trojan Women. Credits in Singapore include Emily the Musical (MTL), Eurydice (Couch Theatre), Family (Second Breakfast Company), Detention Katong (Dream Academy), Lao Jiu (The Theatre Practice), SRT's Forbidden City, The Teenage Textbook Musical Workshop (Go! theatre) and most recently SRT's TLC's Chicken Little.

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