Monochromatic Murmurings: A Poetic Letter to Two People


20 Jan 2018, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM




黑·白·灰诗歌演示会: 致俩人的诗函

Monochromatic Murmurings: A Poetic Letter to

Two People

“黑 · 白 · 灰”诗歌演示会是一场结合影像、音乐和新诗的私密之约。



(Jean Reiki) 不但精心为每一首诗配置背景音乐,还会在现场根据实况氛围调控音效。两位特选的年轻优质朗诵员陈珮文和谢昊,将以他们清纯的嗓音和饱满的感情,吟咏新加坡诗人蔡志礼为摄影展谱写的系列新诗。诗人也会现身说法,讲解每一首诗的含义。




7pm-7.30pm: “黑与白”主题新诗吟诵

8pm-8.30pm: “灰色”主题新诗吟诵



murmurings 《黑·白·灰诗歌演示会》 is an intimate

evening of music and poetry conjuring a poetic and melodic response to Two People, a black and white

photography exhibition by Singaporean photographer Sean Lee. This tender and

moving visual showcase focuses on the relationship between his ageing parents

to explore larger themes of love, struggle, interdependency and sacrifice.

Presenting a

recitation of new poems specially crafted for the event by acclaimed poet Chua

Chee Lay, the performance, accompanied by live music by sound curator Jean

Reiki, paints a tender and lilting soundscape between the frames - akin to a

dialogue suspended in space about time, family, couplehood and mortality.

Adopting a

multi-sensory approach, the performance ponders upon the complex

and subtle relations connections

between individuals. Can the wall of silence between two people finally be


The session is conducted in Mandarin, with English translations of poems provided in the programme notes.

Detailed Programme


7pm-7.30pm: Poetry

recitation under the theme of “Black and White”

8pm-8.30pm: Poetry

recitation under the theme of “Grey”


Featured Poet: Dr Chua Chee Lay

Dr Chua Chee Lay holds a PhD in East Asian Language and Literature from the University of Wisconsin, and serves as honorary president of the May Poetry Society, chairman of the judges’ panel for the National Culture Award (Literature), and host for the National School Writers-in Residence Programme. He has served as professor at Nanyang Technological University and in the Chinese Department of the Southern University College. In 2015, Dr Chua was the first writer selected to represent Singapore in the Singapore-France Writing Residency.

Reciters : Xie Hao and Jodi Chan

Xie Hao

He is currently studying in Nanyang Technological University. With a

passion for theatre and Chinese language, he has been actively participating in

various Chinese drama and recitation performances. In 2013, he joined “Project Republica” of

“Faculty of Creativity” and took part in the production of several Chinese

drama performances as actor and Marketing Director. Moreover, in 2017, he also

joined and organised the self-initiated practice theatre project “Actoria 2017”

in Beijing as a main actor. By putting the elements of dance, recitation, pantomime

and improvisational drama altogether onto the stage, he studied the different

forms of art in the project.

Jodi Chan

Jodi graduated from the University of Exeter, United Kingdom, with a Master of Arts degree in Theatre Practice. Her affinity with the stage began in secondary school, where she first performed under the guidance of various inspiring teachers and drama instructors. Since then, she has been determined to pursue her passion in theatre and contribute to the local arts scene.

Sound Curator: Jean Reiki

Jean Reiki is a sound curator and producer whose compositions and remixes had

been featured on various local and international platforms such as Nick

Luscombe's Late Junction playlist on BBC Radio 3, The Shiso Room on

FutureMusicFM, Copenhagen’s The Lake radio, Stateside's Gizmodo, San Jose

Museum of Art, and the Singaporean film trailer “Trash Heaven”. She also placed

third at the Creative Destruction Contest organised by the Peranakan Museum in

2013 and was nominated for “Best Genre Bender” category at the Asia music

awards, VIMA, in 2014 and 2016.

Always exploring new terrain, she has collaborated

with instrumentalists for live showcases. Under the alias MIND OF THE

COSMOS, her work has appeared in a virtual reality installation at Archifest

2016. Her most recent projects include sound art performances in Stockholm and

Berlin such as “Binaural X-perience”, which explores the application of

acoustics in healthcare and therapy.

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The Arts House, Living Room
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Singapore 179429