Huayi 华艺节 2018 Songs of Liu Sanjie - A Musical Film in Concert 歌乐《刘三姐》


3 Mar 2018, 8:00 PM - 9:50 PM


World Music


Music Director: Tsung Yeh

Director: Goh Boon Teck

Composer: Law Wai Lun

Experience the allure and exuberance of iconic Chinese folk songs from the famous musical film Liu Sanjie in this special concert by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. Even after half a century, several of the songs from the film are still remembered and recognised by many today.

Songs of Liu Sanjie – A Musical Film in Concert is led by Cultural Medallion recipient and Music Director Tsung Yeh and directed by Goh Boon Teck, with music adaptation by Cultural Medallion recipient Law Wai Lun. The evening features renowned Chinese soprano Wang Qing Shuang who portrays the main character Liu Sanjie, together with other vocalists from China and Singapore including Jonathan Charles Tay (as Ah Niu), William Lim (as Old Fisherman), Peng Siran (as Zhou Mei), Alvin Chiam (as Mo Huai Ren), Jeremy Koh, Raymond Lee and Alvin Tan (as Scholar) reenacting classic songs and scenes from the film, with the 40-member Vocal Associates Festival Chorus.

A love story set amongst a conflict between rich and poor, the groundbreaking 1961 musical film popularised Chinese folk songs through the Chinese diaspora, relating the story of a legendary folk singer from the Zhuang minority people in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, set against the region’s scenic beauty.

About Liu Sanjie

Liu Sanjie is an iconic Chinese musical film that tells the story of Third Sister Liu, a legendary folk singer.

Released to much acclaim in 1961, the film is a touching love story that also depicts the conflict between the wealthy and the poor. But what made the film unique was its music. The songs in the film, known as "Songs of the Hills", were sung on hilly terrain and open spaces by farmers and shepherds as they work. Singers would often engage in singing duels where they would pit their wits against each other using riddles and word play.




说起刘三姐,就会不自禁的“嘿吖……”的唱起山歌来,也会联想到秀才那叫人喷饭的 “牛走后来我走先”的对歌词儿!《刘三姐》的歌有十万八千箩,信手拈来,琅琅上口,就是没看过电影的人也能哼几句。




同台演出的包括多位新中两地的歌唱家和演员:女高王庆爽(刘三姐)、男高郑渊智(憨厚的阿牛)、男中林伟林(慈祥的老渔夫)、女高彭楒然(纯真的舟妹)、演员詹煇朕(地主莫怀仁)、男高许智霖和李培勤,以及男中陈德庆(三个秀才)。此外,由许爱敏带领的40人Vocal Associates Festival Chorus合唱团将以活泼轻盈的歌声,合力演绎刘三姐的传奇。




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