Music Tuesdays: Melodies of Qin, Sheng and Ruan II 周二聚会系列:琴笙阮语II


5 Jun 2018, 7:30 PM - 11:59 PM






古琴独奏:碣石调幽兰 / 古曲

笙独奏:呼吸III / 真锅尚之                                                                                  

琴阮合奏:秋籁 / 钟之岳


Guqin, Sheng: Zhong Zhi Yue

Ruan: Han Ying

Guqin Solo: Solitary Orchid / Ancient tune

Sheng Solo: Breathe III / Manabe Naoyuki

Guqin and Zhongruan Duet: Autumn Sounds / Zhong Zhi Yue

SCO will be launching a new Music Tuesdays series of concert. Husband and wife duo Zhong Zhi Yue and Han Ying will present an evening of Qin, Sheng and Ruan. Zhong Zhi Yue, well-versed in guqin and sheng, will present the ancient piece Solitary Orchid. He will also be performing Japan composer Manabe Naoyuki’s Breathe III. The pair will also be playing a duet piece Autumn Sounds, a piece written by Zhong Zhi Yue. Be awed by the connection and beauty of this musically-inclined couple in this concert!

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Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert Hall
7 Shenton Way
Singapore 068810