Sounds of the Frontier 笙琴无界


2 Jun 2018, 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM






大提琴: 秦立巍

在遇见和忘记的山谷中(新加坡首演)/ 温展力

芦笙与钢琴:远山/ 吴彤

笙与乐队:水路 / 吴彤,李勋作曲、冯国峻移植

笙、大提琴与乐队:望春风 / 林临秋作曲、吴彤,李勋改编、李勋配器

琴弦上的叶尔羌 / 刘青

笙与大提琴双协奏曲:度 / 赵麟

如果您听说过“丝路乐集”(Silk Road Ensemble),想必知道吴彤的大名。这位世界顶尖的跨界笙独奏家将首度与新加坡华乐团合作,为您带来华族传统笙、少数民族芦笙等绚丽多彩的吹管乐器。吴彤更会一展歌喉,与您进入他不一样的音乐世界。大提琴名家秦立巍也将与吴彤一起合乐呈献《望春风》与《度》,不容错过!

吴彤,华人跨界音乐家代表,第一个获得格莱美音乐大奖的中国音乐人,精通创作、演唱、民族乐器演奏。吴彤与他所在的丝路乐团凭借《Sing Me Home》获得第59届格莱美最佳世界音乐专辑奖

Conductor: Tsung Yeh

Sheng, Vocal: Wu Tong

Cello: Qin Li-Wei

The Valley (Singapore Premiere) / Wen Zhan Li

Lusheng and Piano: Faraway Mountain / Wu Tong

Sheng and Orchestra: Waterway / Composed by Wu Tong and Li Xun, adapted by Phang Kok Jun

Sheng, Cello and Orchestra: Spring Wind / Composed by Lin Linqiu, re-arranged by Wu Tong and Li Xun, orchestration by Li Xun

Yarkand Over The Strings for Chinese Orchestra / Liu Qing

Sheng and Cello Duo Concerto: Duo / Zhao Lin

If you’ve heard of the Silk Road Ensemble, you must certainly have heard about Wu Tong. The internationally-renowned sheng master will perform with SCO for the first time, bringing you the ancient sheng, the lusheng of the Miao minority in China, and other woodwind instruments. Wu Tong will also be showcasing his vocal talents to bring you to another music realm. Renowned cellist Qin Li-wei will also be performing Spring Wind and Duo alongside Wu Tong; this is a concert not to be missed!

Wu Tong, a representative of Chinese cross-disciplinary musicians, and the first Chinese musician to receive the Grammy Music Awards, is well versed in writing, singing and playing ethnic musical instruments. Wu Tong and his Silk Road Ensemble won the 59th Grammy Award for Best World Album with Sing Me Home.

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Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert Hall
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