The Bund – Swing to Jazz 新·上海滩 – 摇摆到爵士


28 Apr 2018, 8:00 PM - 8:30 PM








被誉为“华语爵士第一创意的人声”的赵可一直在中国传统音乐、中国 传统文化、西方现代音乐、西方现代文化以及爵士乐中探索着各种可能性。他独特的嗓音和极具想像力和表现力的演唱风格让他在国际上备受瞩目,也被中国《青年报》评价为“中国最年轻而富有才华的爵士音乐家”。


Conductor: Tsung Yeh

Vocal: Coco Zhao

Trumpet: Li Xiaochuan

SCO Music Director Tsung Yeh and two of China’s extraordinarily creative artistes, Coco Zhao and Li Xiaochuan, will dazzle you in a unique evening of swing and jazz. An all-new arrangement of East meets West will be exhibited – be enamoured by the melodious yet avant-garde mix of Shanghai and jazz. The incorporation of this blend of music will give you a whole new experience and feel of I Want Your Love, Give Me A Kiss, Night of Shanghai and other classic pieces!

Coco Zhao has explored the possibilities of jazz within traditional and modern music and culture, both Western and Chinese. His unique voice, imagination, and expressive singing style have made him beyond reproach as one of China's most creative voices. Coco has gained worldwide recognition and has received invitations to music festivals worldwide. Youth Daily has called him “China’s most promising young Jazz musician".

Li Xiaochuan is China's most recognized jazz trumpet player and composer. He is the only jazz artist awarded by CCTV (China Central Television) Music Channel, which is to honor the most distinguished woodwind & brass musicians in China.

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Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert Hall
7 Shenton Way
Singapore 068810