Young Children’s Concert 2018: DiSCOvering Treasures of Chinese Music – Carnival of Percussion! 儿童乐会2018:华乐大发现 之 敲敲打打大汇演!


26 May 2018, 2:30 PM - 11:59 PM





音乐历险记 / 陈家荣

拉特茨基进行曲 / 约翰·施特劳斯、瞿春泉改编

鼓乐与乐队:响宴 / 喜多郎作曲、沈文友编曲

鼓乐重奏:新番滚核桃 / 郭勇德改编

打击乐重奏:鸭子拌嘴 / 安志顺

苏南十番锣鼓:十八六四二 / 李民雄整理

定调打击与乐队:查尔达什 / 维托里奥·蒙蒂、刘智乐改编

敲敲打打万花筒 / 王辰威 (世界首演)




Conductor: Quek Ling Kiong

Musical Adventure / Tan Kah Yong

Radetzky March / Composed by Johann Strauss, re-arranged by Qu Chun Quan

Drums and Orchestra: Matsuri / Composed by Kitaro, arranged by Sim Boon Yew

Drums Ensemble: New Rolling Walnuts / Re-arranged by Quek Ling Kiong

Percussion Ensemble: Squabbling Duck / An Zhi-shun

Su Nan Percussion Ensemble: Shi Ba Liu Si Er / Arranged by Li Min Xiong

Pitched Percussion and Orchestra: Czardas / Composed by Vittorio Monti, re-arranged by Liu Zhi Yue

Kaleidoscope World of Percussion / Wang Chen Wei (World Premiere)

Little adventurers! Let us come together to discover new music! In this musical adventure, we will take you on an aural banquet (Matsuri) showcasing a wide range of percussion instruments. Have you ever thought of how a walnut could tumble musically, and that ducks can bicker? Or that a number game of Ten, Eight, Six, Four and Two can be a world of fun rhythms? Why do we clap our hands whenever we hear Radetzky March? Let us get our drums together, and kick up a colourful storm! Whatever questions or puzzles about music that you have, bring them to Mr Quek to solve!

There will also be a pre-concert activity 45 minutes before the concert.

Concert will be presented in English and is suitable for children 5 years and above.

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Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert Hall
7 Shenton Way
Singapore 068810