Paint the Sky Red


20 Jan 2018, 9:45 PM - 10:30 PM




Paint The Sky Red is a four-piece rock band from Singapore who draws inspiration from post-rock and ambient music. Melding melodic riffs into intense cathartic moments, their narratively-styled instrumentals serve as the soundtrack for one's own self-reflection on finding meaning in tests of time, moments of uncertainty, the nostalgic past, the anxious future, the fragility of life and the struggles in one's acceptance of fate. An outlet for expression and personal frustrations, every note draws hope from discord.

Band Members

Nurazman Rahman (Guitars)

Nur Hakim Alim (Guitars, Ebow, Effects)

Yasser Abd Wahab (Bass)

Fahmi Jamal (Drums)

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Esplanade Park
Along Connaught Drive
Singapore 179682