Nuri Terbang Malam (Schools)


22 Mar 2018, 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM


World Music


Lagu Nuri Terbang Malam, recorded back in 1903 by Malay singer, Qasim, is the earliest physical recorded evidence of Malay music.

Under the direction of Syed Ahmad, the band Orkes Nuri will take audiences on a journey back in time to trace the chronology of Malay music from pre-independence 1900s to present day Singapore through Lagu Nuri Terbang Malam and more.

Through the different melodies, rhythms and lyrics, students will gain an awareness and appreciation of Malay music over the years and how various social, historical, cultural, and inter-cultural changes have influenced the Malay community, its language and culture.

Learning Objectives

Develop an awareness of and appreciation for Malay music

Understand how music and lyrics are used to convey thoughts and emotions

Understand how different social, historical and cultural changes in the Malay community and its impact on Malay music

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Esplanade Recital Studio
1 Esplanade Drive
Singapore 038981